BAW 2016

Several thousand visitors during the 1st Budapest Art Week

(closing press release)

The first Budapest Art Week organized for the first time between 19-24. of April 2016 proved to be a very popular event. According to the statistics of the organizers, more than 5000 people were participated in the 6-day event. Among the venues, several famous museums, galleries were included and an auxiliary programme featuring guided tours, organized gallery walks or bicycle tours. With all these programmes, the organizers could realise their plan to connect social experience with culture.

The Budapest Art Week managed to synchronise more than 60 cultural events that provided an insight into all the important and current venues of visual arts. Similar successful events take place each year in important cultural centers such as London, Berlin, Wien, Singapour, Sydney etc. For those who are interested in visual arts, these occasions permit to discover different local artists and their works, within a social experience.

Visitors were highly interested by the guided tours and the organized gallery walks during the one week event. Valid to 66 venues, the ticket cost 3000 hungarian Forint and allowed to many people to spend their week in museums and galleries. Within the programme of Nyitott Mütermek Délutánja (Afternoon of open ateliers), visitors could meet the artists as well.

“We feel that people were very interested in our programmes, and the event was successful. It was a pleasure to organize Budapest Art Week because of the positive reviews that we received. A lot of visitors told us that our event satisfied their needs in terms of a cultural festival and that they are waiting for the continuation. We believe that we reached our goal to draw the attention of as many people as possible to the visual arts and to promote and present this art movement in different ways. We will organize Budapest Art Week in 2017 as well.” – said Bérczi Linda, director of Budapest Art Week.

An auxiliary programme within Budapest Spring Festival, Budapest Art Week is organized by Bérczi Linda, Molnár Tímea art manager and Muladi Brigitta art historian.