Kiscelli Museum – Municipal Picture Gallery Budapest | The Seven Last Words

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Address: 1037 Budapest, Kiscelli u.108.
Opening times: Tue – Sun: 10:00 – 18:00

Exhibition: The Seven Last Words – Nádler István’s exhibition
In a visual way, István Nádler was highly interested in Haydn’s The Seven Last Words of Christ since a long time. In 2015 he heard it in István Fischer’s flat theatre and the oratorio completed with Péter Eszterházy’s insert texts made an elemental impact on him.
The universal image of the topic and its leading rules led him to the recognition that the design and visual thinking should be realized by these principles. He defined the seven last words as kind of a lesson. The internal development of a person should be gone through the seven words until one comprehend that it is possible to connect without any external help to the eternal, universal power. The teaching’s seven words is independent from any religion and accessible to any person. It is a possibility to have a religious experience without the image of God or without having a religion.
Between 11-23 April 2017, the Kiscelli Museum will await its visitors with István Nádler’s series of seven paintings that he finished in the end of 2016.