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Address: 1033 Budapest Szentendrei út 93. – (PP Center – Business Center)

The Partisan Studio and Gallery was founded in Óbuda in November 2011. It is located in PP Business Centre which was a former textile factory. Partisan Studio and Gallery is a member of the so called Artkartell group which provides support for individual artists, cultural and art projects through applications. Its mission is to set up a community base in an inspirational environment for artists where the members support and encourage each other. The Studio located in the vast area where artists can occupy a total area of 45000 m2 of vacant premises, studios and exhibition space just like partisans. Many of them are already well-known artists such as Robert BATYKÓ, László KARÁCSONYI and Peter SZALAY; others just graduated at University of Fine Arts and are promising talents of the studio house. The permanent group of artists also welcomes international resident artists. There is no rental fee for the art workshop but each of them has to deliver an art work in return. The centre regularly hosts exhibitions, theatre and other multi-art events.

Artists working in the studios: Róbert BATYKÓ | Emese ERDÉLYI | Ferenc HACK | János HUSZTI | László KARÁCSONYI | Nándor KESZEG | Gergely KOSZORÚS | Norbert MENYHÁRT | Levente MOLNÁR | Zsófia Magdolna NAGY | Orsolya OLÁH | Ramóna PAP | Gábor PINTÉR | Eszter POROSZLAI | Marica SIPOS | Stefan OSNOWSKI | Péter SZALAY | Erik TOLLAS | Lilla TÖRTELI | Balázs VERES | Flóra VÁGI

Program: Open Art Studios Day No.10

In this program collective art studios open up their creative spaces where the artists greet and meet visitors personally for one afternoon. Artists introduce their art works on interactive guided tours and are free for conversations with those interested.

Program date: 24 April 2016 (Sun) 16:00 – 18:00