TOBE Gallery | RÉSISTANCE – Power or capacity to resist

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Address: 1136 Budapest, Herzen utca 6.
Opening times during BudapestArtWeek: Tue – Fri: 14:00 – 18:00, Sat: 10:00 – 18:00

Exhibition: RÉSISTANCE | international group exhibition – The Power of Capacity to Resist 
On 11th April 2002 a series of events has began in Caracas which has completely changed not only the political but mostly the social and cultural life in Venezuela. What did it mean, and what does it mean to the present day the steadfastness of the artists in this context? Is it a conflict, a survival technique or compliance? The aim of the present project is to trace those Venezuelan artists who had to leave the country as a consequence of the events but in their new home they still keep an eye on the political situation in Venezuela and reflect on it through their art works. The exhibition does not intend to stand up for or to protest against any political views. It presents the “steadfastness of the artists” only as each of them carries their own “11A” experience.

Invited exhibitors:
Romulo AVENDAÑO | Antonio BRICEÑO | Marco BELL | Blanco MUU | Amalia CAPUTO | Alí CORDERO CASAL | Gabriel DUBUC | Ricardo GÓMEZ PÉREZ | KUZO | Amalia PEREIRA | Tomas OPITZ | Patrícia VAN DALEN